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Supervision —

With over 25 years experience as acclaimed film & television music supervisors, we are responsible for delivering some of the most critically acclaimed and best selling soundtracks of all time. We have overseen the creation of new compositions and recordings from major and emerging artists and composers, which have become emblematic of motion pictures and TV.

We leverage our vast network of global contacts within the music industry to find and secure the original songs your project needs and initiate key collaborations. Some of the artists we have worked with include Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach, Radiohead, No Doubt, Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO), Timbaland and many more.

Music Supervision credits include: Pulp Fiction, Reality Bites | North Country | Sweet Micky For President | Holes | Laurel Canyon | Clueless | SpongeBob SquarePants Movie | Skylanders Academy | Bulworth | Boogie Nights

Consulting —

We capitalize on our reputation as dealmakers and taste arbiters to develop brand-driven cross promotions and strategic partnerships involving advertising, film, books, video, music, fund raising events, retail and social media.

Drawing on our vast network of music industry insiders (artists, emerging talent, producers, executives, etc.), we can provide a unique musical enhancement to your product, brands and content.

Some of our clients include: Activision | AT&T | Anonymous Content | theAudience | CNN | Levis | Vice Media | Membrain LLC

Coordination & Clearances —

Our longstanding relationships with artists, studios, labels and music publishers will help you get the licenses you need on the songs you want for the best deal possible.  We have extensive experience researching, negotiating and preparing licenses within all forms of media for all types of music within varying budgets.

We frequently join projects during development and pre-production to analyze scripts, prepare budgets and work on the best strategy for acquiring music for your project. Early engagement can help in securing difficult songs and the lowest possible fees.

Clients include: Anonymous Content | Hasbro | Nickelodeon | Paramount Pictures | Omation | Warner Bros. | Vice Media